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St. Peter's piazza
Vatican City; Sep 5, 2005


a homemade dinner in our apartment

The food in Italy is amazingly good. The pizza (flat and huge with a thin crust – very different than American pizza), the pasta, the wine, the coffee, the gelato, the seafood – everything is great.

Then there’s the bread. It arrives to the table warm with a brown and crusty outside and what looks to be a tender white center. It only takes one bite to discover, however, that it is blander than we imagined any food could be. We actually can’t figure out how it can be made so tasteless. It’s almost as if they’ve made it this way to further emphasize how tasty the rest of their food is. We speculate that they consider the bread simply a vehicle for some delicious olive oil or other tasty treat. Nonetheless, we kept tasting the bread at restaurant after restaurant since we both love trying different breads when we go out to eat. It never got any better. Suffice it to say, that we eventually gave up and quickly overcame this (not so) tremendous obstacle and proceeded to enjoy a wide variety of Italian food with complete abandon.

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