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St. Peter's piazza
Vatican City; Sep 5, 2005

little red cars

For a brief period, I held out hope that Italy would be heavily populated with Ferraris and Maseratis and Lamborghinis and all sorts of other ridiculously expensive makes of automobile that end in "i." Alas, it is not so. So instead, I elected to console myself with a month-long photo-essay on little red cars. And trucks. And things with three wheels that I'm not sure really have a standard name.

Honestly, some of these things are so small that you can almost jump over them. Susan's not a big person, but next to some of these, she looks like a giant. Just goes to show what we're accustomed to in the U.S.

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initial caption that disappears later

When I finally managed to get over the sneaking suspicion that some undetermined number of clowns was about to start piling out of them, I started thinking about how nice it would be to have one in San Francisco. We could park perpendicularly in a parallel spot. Or just get out of the car, and then stuff it into our backpack until we were ready to drive away again. Handy.

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