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Meet Henry, a tuatera (born circa 1880), the oldest resident of the Southland Museum in Invercargill. Apparently we were very lucky to see Henry, let alone see him actually move. Tuatera are one of very few reptile species native to New Zealand (the other two are skinks and geckos).

Invercargill, New Zealand; Mar 2, 2005
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-- comments from readers --


Hi, just a spelling comment.. it's actually "tuatara."

--Amanda; Aug 16, 2005

Yes, there does seem to be some disagreement on this issue. We've been told "tuatara" and "tuatera." Apparently, they're both correct. The plural of "tuatara" is "tuataras" and the plural of "tuatera" is "tuatera." Fascinating, huh?

--Grace; Aug 23, 2005