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We distracted this guy with a business card while we took his picture. Now we have proof - he's still alive, masquerading as law enforcement in the City of Light.

Paris, France; Jul 26, 2005
© 2005 susan & grace

-- comments from readers --


Just wandered across your page. Great stuff! Photo work is quite nice, but this one takes the cake. Love the business card distraction technique, A+

--John (United States); Apr 4, 2007


I think it was a traveller from germany... because the word " Polizei" ist police in germany...

I needed the whole day to check out your daily traveller book and you made so great pictures

--Nasir H. (Oxford, United Kingdom); May 25, 2006

We really don't think so. We think he's the King.

--Susan & Grace; Jun 10, 2006