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There were other things to ride, too. The staff unwisely left one lone tricycle unlocked, so
when Susan found it, it was all over.

Kenting, Taiwan; Jan 9, 2005
© 2005 susan & grace

-- comments from readers --


Great website! I'm sure I'll make many more comments along the way as it's helping me in my planning of my own RTW... I'm a fellow photography buff, and I was wondering about this picture. Is it a slow shutter speed, or a digital effect? The only reason I ask is b/c I haven't been able to get the present image that clear when I do longer exposures. I suppose it all matters on the angle the subject is approaching too.

--Matt S. (Philadelpha, Pennsylvania, USA); Nov 16, 2005

So... you picked one of the few photos that I've really messed with. Yes, it's been digitally altered. Actually, it's not possible to achieve this effect any other way. If you use a slow shutter speed, then the whole thing is a big blur. The exception to that is if you time a flash to happen at the end of the exposure - this would result in freeze-framing the flashed moment. But this would still result in a very different look. For the purposes of this site, I usually use Photoshop to help achieve the most accurate reproduction of what things actually looked like. Once in a while, however, I have a little fun...

--Grace; Nov 17, 2005