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in terms of seeing the cubs, this was the closest we got (about 50 feet, pretty close) - they were very cute to watch

Ngorongoro Crater National Park, Tanzania; Oct 23, 2004
© 2004 susan & grace

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Hi guys, this stuff is fantastic (as expected). I've spent an entire half-work-day perusing your site :) It's addictive. I had a question - are the cubs dangerous? Do they ever hunt for their own food?

--Katie C. (Los Angeles, CA, USA); Jan 28, 2005

Glad you're enjoying the site! At this age, the cubs do not hunt for their own food. In fact, adult female lions do the hunting for the whole pride (moms have it rough the world over). Juvenile males are kicked out of the pride when they get a bit older, and then they have to hunt for themselves (unless they manage to take over their own pride someday). So, in answer to your question, the cubs are not dangerous by themselves, but they *are* very well protected by the adults in the pride.

--Susan & Grace; Jan 29, 2005