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THIS is our rental vehicle. Vroom.

Real de San Carlos, Uruguay; Apr 22, 2005
© 2005 susan & grace

-- comments from readers --


All of your pictures are incredible! Random question, but where did you rent that and how much was it? I plan on going to the area and that looks like a ton of fun!

--Adam (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, but currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina); Jan 13, 2006

You can rent these things just about anywhere on the main drag in Colonia. You can either go with a bigger brand (like Thrifty) or a small local shop. We chose the later. If we remember correctly, the cost was about $15/day, though you could also rent them for half-days or hourly if you like. We expect that the cost changes depending on the time of year, too. We rented it in the afternoon and drove around that day and then the next until we had to return it. Have fun in Colonia - it's a great place!

--Grace & Susan; Jan 18, 2006