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We discovered this bao lady near our hotel. Over the course of our stay, we returned several times for yummy bao. We coudn't figure out how she always kept a full tin of baos, but on our last visit, we discovered her dirty secret: she would move them from the case into the bin! (In case this doesn't seem weird to you, it's supposed to go the *other* way - the ones in the bin are supposed to be the freshest.) But still, they were yummy nonetheless!

Hanoi, Vietnam; Dec 18, 2004
© 2004 susan & grace

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Hi there. I really enjoyed your pictures and stories, especially the Bao lady and her little "dirty secret". We Vietnamese wouldn't call it a secret, in matter of fact we alway buy Banh Bao (Bao Cake) in the tin, since it is hot/warm, and the Bao is best when we eat it hot/warm. Anyway, I'll be back in VN in January and will have my banh bao again. Thanks for all the pixs.

--Thao (USA); Jun 23, 2005