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Jade Emperor Pagoda - Kim Hoa, the protector of all mothers and children

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Dec 19, 2004
© 2004 susan & grace

-- comments from readers --


This is an interesting shot. I happened to notice the more than partial shot of the swastika in the background. What is the meaning?

--Olinda P. (San Francisco, CA, USA); May 04, 2005

I had the same reaction the first time I saw it, but both the swastika symbol (called Manji) and its inverse have been used by the Hindu and Buddhist religions for thousands of years to represent many things including love and mercy, strength and intelligence or, more generally, the harmony between love and intellect. The Nazis took the symbol, turned it 45 degrees and used it as a symbol of their regime.

--Susan; June 10, 2005