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baobab tree with fisheye lens and handheld filter (artsy, huh?)
Tarangire National Park, Tanzania; Oct 20, 2004

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Tarangire National Park (63 pix)


Lake Manyara (9 pix)

Ngorongoro Crater (30 pix)


Serengeti (46 pix)



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-- comments from readers --


I was surfing the net to kill a boring evening time. At that time I happen to see your photos accidentally. It was really amazing (especially your comments). I would like to share my enjoyment with you. Thank you once again.

--Dominic M. (Hyderabad, India); Mar 19, 2007


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful safari photos and videos. Next year we will be visiting Kenya and Tanzania. Just spent a wonderful afternoon with my 9 year old grandson showing your photos of where we will be travelling next. Again thank you very much for sharing and keep on having a lovely life together.

--Marie (Gatineau, Québec, Canada); Sep 23, 2006


nice n best fotos... plz put more video's next time... my frnds n i love watching the hunting videos of lions n cheetahs... plz put cheetah's hunting video also... thank you...

--Namgyal S. (India); May 29, 2006

Glad you're enjoying the videos! Maybe next time we'll be lucky enough to see a cheetah hunting. :)

Grace & Susan; Jun 2, 2006


Love all the photos... Simply beautiful.... I Love Elephants and was checking Google when I came across your website... The pix of the sunrise was awesome..... Thanks soooo much for sharing all the lovely pictures with us.

--Sherry (Canada); Feb 9, 2006


Thanks for putting this website together. The pics and video from Tanzania are fascinating. We are planning a trip there in July/August and will be to your site for info for sure.

--Matt R. (San Francisco, California, USA); Nov 7, 2005


Wow, how wonderful!!! Your pictures and video were absolutely incredible. We are in the begining stages of planning a safari to Tanzania and your pictures really are inspiring. What type of camara equipment did you use? Did you take your trip in October? What tour group did you use? The combination of tents and lodges you used seem to be the perfect combination. Thank you for sharing your experience.

--Tracy & Jack (Maryland, USA); Jul 11, 2005

Glad you're enjoying the pix! You can find out about the camera gear we're using here: gear_technology. Yes, we took our safari trip in October. And we used Roys Safari. For the full details, see tanzania: safari 101 and tanzania: the low down. Safe travels!

Grace; Jul 15, 2005


Okay, okay - I gotta ring in here - these pictures are just plain awesome... everything i've ever wanted to do with a camera... i'm soooooo jealous!! Awesome work guys. I llove nature photography and each picture here is just too cool. Be safe come home soon.

--Faisal Q. (Fremont, CA, USA); Apr 22, 2005