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the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House at dawn
Sydney, Australia; Feb 19, 2005

reef walking

This one's a visual interlude from an afternoon on Heron Island when Susan went wandering out during low tide. It was possible to go pretty far out (500 meters or so). Here's a small sampling of what she found in about 2 feet of water:

For more (and larger) pictures of Australia, check out the australia gallery.

Captions for the above pictures (thanks much to Ken Okutake, our undersea guru, for helping ID everything - he was going for species, but we stopped him at Genus):
stony coral (Porites)
coral (Montipora)
epaulette shark
pineapple coral (Favites)
coral (Montipora) & clams (Tridacna)
flowerpot coral (Goniopora)
sea cucumber
coral (Acropora)
clams (Tridacna)
stony coral (Porites)
brain coral (Goniastrea)

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Hi, I just wanted to say that your photographs are stunning! I'm really impressed and jealous!

--Lenora (United Kingdom); Sep 20, 2005

Thanks so much for your generous compliment and for looking at the website. We're so pleased that you wrote from the reef walking article because we worked quite hard to get those shots just right. It's hard when the ocean won't cooperate!

--Susan; Oct 15, 2005