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tango at Cafe Tortoni
Buenos Aires, Argentina; Apr 20, 2005

party peeps stay out late

Everybody's out. Some lively old ladies are sitting near a fountain gossiping. Groups of high-school girls laugh loudly as they tromp down the street. A couple with their six-year-old son are each having an extra large ice cream. Hip, late-20-somethings hang out drinking coffee. Groups of older men have dinner, laugh and exhibit a closeness not seen in the States. People young and old are lined up around the block waiting to see a concert. And, as always with the locals here, they're dressed to the nines. It's so crowded in all the restaurants that we have difficulty finding a table. Buenos Aires is hopping. And the really weird thing is that it's 11:30pm on a Tuesday!

Lavalle Street - always lively

That's how it is here, and they're just getting started. Fortunately for us (especially me), we're still a bit jetlag-confused, so we've managed to adapt to the local schedule. Maybe we'll catch a movie when we finish dinner, sometime around 1am...

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