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Bangkok, Thailand; Dec 3, 2004

food & fun in bed

[You may have noticed that some of our Bangkok entry dates occur *before* our entries in Vietnam and Cambodia. This is because we stopped briefly in Bangkok on the way to Vietnam, and then again on the way back from Cambodia.]

one of the "acts"

Tonight Samson took us to a delicious and entertaining restaurant called Bed Bar. (Samson is a friend from home living in Bangkok at the moment.) Bed Bar is in a (specially built) building that looks like a small airplane hangar with a completely white interior and two levels of, you guessed it... long, continuous beds. It was chef's choice fixed-menu night and the food was absolutely fabulous, but that's not even the best part. While you're cozied up in bed complete with pillows and a plush blanket, sipping cocktails and being served a 4-course gourmet meal, a variety of interesting "acts" are performed around the restaurant. "Acts?" you ask. Here are some of the highlights:

  1) A suspended in the center of the restaurant. The canoe is filled with tropical fruit which she hands out to people when they walk by.
  2) Two men dressed in white walk out with a large wooden alligator hanging on puppeteer sticks. They clatter around the first floor and then walk out.
  3) A muscle-bound Thai boxer, oiled up and dressed in bright red shorts, walks around, flexing and posing. (see picture above)
  4) A policeman walks around stiffly and salutes. As he reaches the platform on the stairs he breaks out into an amazing (Michael Jackson style) breakdance routine accompanied, of course, by appropriate music and lighting. Here's the shortest video in the world of this: (282kb), (512kb).
  5) The same woman from (1) walks around with a

And those were just the highlights. Needless to say, it was a visual feast as well as a culinary feast.

Susan and Samson enjoying the soup

For the foodies out there, here's the menu:
- cold melon and crab soup
- arugula, rhubarb and white
truffle sorbet salad
- (similar to
sea bass) with a ginger,
sesame, and soy crust
- strawberry rhubarb and
white chocolate flow cake

And all this is yours for the unbeatable price of only US$35 per person (pricey for Thailand, but considering the food quality, it's an amazing deal). But wait, there's more: you also get admission to their exclusive club next door for dancing all night. I love this place.

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