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view of Sugar Loaf and harbor
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; May 12, 2005

bizarre beach bazaar

So, you showed up in Rio a bit unprepared? No problem. Head to the beach, sit on your towel (or buy one when you get there) and wait for the goods to come to you.

- Beach towels
sugarcane vendor

- Hats
- Shirts
- Bikinis
- Hand-made jewelry
- Homemade sandwiches
- Grilled shrimp on a platter
- Henna tattoos
- Beach soccer balls
- Empenadas (flour pastries with
meat and cheese)
- Purses made out of one big
- Purses made out of soda can tabs
- Cheese on a stick grilled on the
- Soda, Water, & Beer (sold in one
long phrase "cocaguacerveja")
- Platter of grilled fish
- Iced Tea poured out of silver kegs
- Globos (a ring-shaped cracker
made out of flour, water, milk
and a bit of fat - salty or
sweet, your choice)
coconuts don't fit in the trash can :(

- "Magic" coloring books
- CDs
- Paper airplane kites
- Sugarcane
- Fresh Coconuts
- Ice Cream
- Tours of the city or town
(depending on the beach) and
to other neaby towns
- Oysters on the half-shell (not
- Drugs
- Wooden crafts (mortar and
pestle, mate cups)
- Blankets
- Hammocks
- Sarongs
- Chairs and umbrellas
- Cashews
- Puppy! 40 Reis (down from 50)
- Boiled Corn

This is only in our first few days; we’re sure if we keep hanging around more amazing products will come by...

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-- comments from readers --


hahahaa that is hilarious! & love the coconut-trashcan picture and overall, just enjoying reading up on your trip..!

--Dea (Venice, Italy); Dec 21, 2005