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Doraemon unjustly trapped in a claw vending maching
Tokyo (Ueno neighborhood), Japan; Jan 27, 2005

too-tall charlie

That’s me; I’m too-tall Charlie here in Japan (even though I’m just 6’ tall). We’ve only been here a couple days and I’ve already smashed my head on a door frame, countless places in subway cars, numerous store awnings, and even a bathroom doorknob (don’t ask). There are advantages, however, of being too-tall Charlie: 1) I can survey the infinite sea of black-topped heads from a few inches above the fray in a vain attempt to find our destination, and 2) it’s easy for Susan to spot me in a crowd.

Shibuya (a neighborhood in Tokyo) at night

[Susan wanted to call this entry "Big in Japan" but I vetoed it on the grounds that very few of you would recall the classic 80's hit. Tell us I'm wrong.]

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Just came across this website and have to say I am envious! I wanted to comment that if you think you stood out in a crowd in Japan my husband is 6 feet 5 inches, blond and wears size 15 shoes. We just moved here a couple of months ago from the U.S. It's amusing to see people snicker as soon as he walks by - at least it is to me, maybe not for him!

--Tonya (Machida, Japan); Mar 7, 2006


MTV kids, gangsta types and fans of Nickelback should really get to grips and listen to one of the biggest bands that ever existed... ALPHAVILLE! (pity they were a bit of a one hit wonder).

--Ivan (Istanbul, Turkey); Nov 18, 2005


What's "Big in Japan"?...besides Grace?

--VSP (Ontario, Canada); Aug 15, 2005

See below; it's an old song by a band called Alphaville.

--Grace; Aug 23, 2005


".. ohhhhh the eastern sea soooo blue!!!" Dude Alphaville! SBTY rocks!

--John M. (Los Angeles, CA, USA); Jun 9, 2005

This is getting a bit scary. You guys should be ashamed...

--Grace; Jun 11, 2005


That's awesome - I am just shocked you'd think that I wouldn't remember Alphaville! Let me know when you get back and I can burn it on a CD for you ;-)

--Joe C. (San Francisco, CA, USA); Jun 7, 2005

Okay, okay - we're wrong, we're wrong!

--Grace; Jun 11, 2005