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Doraemon unjustly trapped in a claw vending maching
Tokyo (Ueno neighborhood), Japan; Jan 27, 2005

fish market, fish market, roley poley fish market

one of many, many aisles of fish

This morning we got up early and dragged ourselves to Tsukiji Fish Market, proclaimed to be the largest in the world. After seeing it, we certainly won’t disagree; it is *huge*. There are rows and rows of… you guessed it… people buying and selling fish. Just-caught fish, still-alive fish, recently-deceased fish, small fish, big fish, and things that are sorta’ like fish but not really. The smallest fish we saw were sold in vast containers that looked like they must’ve contained literally thousands of fish. The big ones on the other hand (usually big tuna), were being chopped up with power saws. We also spotted clams, muscles, oysters, sharks, squid, urchins, many types of crabs and some things we didn’t recognize. Unfortunately, the big early-morning auction is now closed to the public, but walking around the public area is still fascinating.

sushi for breakfast!

After prowling around for about an hour, we started our hunt for breakfast. Supposedly, this is the place to get the freshest sushi in the world. Eventually we found the spot we were looking for, Daiwa Sushi. We waited for a while to get our place at the counter, and then sat down to eat. Sushi for breakfast is a bit weird; our stomachs weren’t quite used to the idea. But the quality of the sushi soon convinced our tummies to go with the flow. We had a scrumptious meal, including the best uni (sea urchin – it’s an acquired taste) Susan has ever tasted!

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-- comments from readers --


Your trip looks absolutely fabulous! Thanks for adding me to your
mailing list. it's so wonderful that you have the opportunity to see so
much of the world and it's fun reading about your experiences. I must
admit, I'm a little (no, actually VERY) envious!

It was so much fun looking at your pictures of Japan. We were
there in March and we saw many of the same things and had similar
experiences. Breakfast at Daiwa Sushi was a big highlight for us as
well though the pieces were so huge and at 10:00 am, it was almost too
much for me.

Japanese culture is absolutely fascinating... the combination of
traditional and modern is difficult to understand unless you've been

Enjoy yourselves! Can't wait to read about your next adventures.

--Shami R. (Switzerland); June 7, 2005