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driving from Invercargill to Queensland, New Zealand; Mar 8, 2005

hello, dahlia!

A visit to Belle Fleur dahlia farm in Invercargill made me a huge fan. Grace opted out of going (can't imagine why) so I took a bunch of photos so he could see what I've decided to devote my life to. Well, dahlias and travel. Dahlias and food and travel. And world peace, of course. Oh shoot, there's also lawn bowling... and chocolate...

[Roll over the thumbnail images above to see close-up versions.]

It's hard to tell from these pictures (except for the one with Sylvia), but some of these dahlias are enormous. The red one above is almost a foot wide.

For more pictures of New Zealand, check out the new zealand gallery.

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-- comments from readers --


The dahlias are an absolute feast for the eyes, thanks! Please don't forget to give us the heads up when you enter the dahlia business, after your world peace project, etc. of course.

I am enjoying your narratives very much, love your sense of humor. New Zealand is superb and the snake encounter in Australia, ahh ever so glad you made it safe and that I was not there...

--Genet T. (Sunnyvale, CA, USA); Aug 25, 2005

Ha, ha, ha - I'll put you on the contact short list for when I open the dahlia farm. Now... off to solve world peace.

Thanks so much for writing again! We very much appreciate it and glad you enjoyed the snake encounter. We laugh about it now, but we didn't at the time! Ha!

Susan; Sep 10, 2005


That is soo cool!

--Sydney V. (San Jose, CA, USA); Aug 15, 2005