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Broad Street
Oxford, U.K.; Oct 7, 2004

leaving home

at SFO Airport

Whoa – this is weird. We’ve been planning for so long, and now we’re actually going. We’ve been checking things off various lists for months, and strangely, there’s nothing left to check off. We taped up the box with the last of our city clothes and said goodbye to Chloe (our cat) and the apartment. (In case you’re wondering, our friends the VanHuisens will be living there while we’re gone.)

Then came the last in a long series of farewells (and lunches, and coffees, and quick we’ll-just-stop-by-for-a-minute get-togethers). We hugged Jeremy, who had kindly agreed to take us to the airport in the middle of the day, making our departure much nicer than an impersonal taxi drop. Leaving our friends and family for over a year is really difficult.

We expected that when this day arrived, we would be so excited that we wouldn’t be able to contain ourselves. It turns out that we are really excited, but to our surprise, also really scared. As we entered the airport, we held hands and smiled nervously at each other as if to say, “Well, here we go – there’s no turning back now.” And we were off to London.

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