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the final stage of the Tour de France
Paris, France; Jul 24, 2005

pastry vous français?

Okay, it's embarrassing. We know we're always talking about food and showing pictures of food, but really, how can you not discuss pastries when in Paris!? All the breads and pastries are soooooo good. No really, they-are-so-good! We cannot figure out why they are so much better than ours at home.

[Roll over the thumbnail images above to see close-up versions.]

The croissant is buttery, flaky and light. The sour cherry pie is just the right balance of sour and sweet and not too heavy. The coffee flavored éclair is delicate and delicious. Grace wanted to eat 100 of them. The elaborate pastry in the main photo was purchased from a grocery store (in the States you'd certainly have to go to a specialty store, and it still wouldn't be as good)! Mmmmm, we want to eat one right now!

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