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sunrise at Tarangire Safari Lodge
T arangire National Park, Tanzania; Oct 21, 2004

We’d like to thank a lot of people for helping make our trip possible and for enabling us to better construct this site. Listing everybody is not practical, but here are some of the highlights:
  Nasir Hamid – for countless hours of photography advice and teachings (click here for his photography site)
  John Moon – for helping with the video functionality on this site and for being our first live courier and meeting us in Vietnam
  Ben Rigby – for assisting with some of the hairier bits of coding on this site, for giving advice on the less hairy bits, and for running 415 while we’re away
  Andy Cowitt – for providing invaluable HTML advice (when there are five ways to do something, it’s nice to know which is best, and when you can’t think of ANY way to do something, it’s nice to be told there is one)
  Stella Lee, Samson Shu, Nasir (again), and Mom & Dad Stanat - for long-distance beta-testing
  Mom & Dad Stanat (again) - for helping with after-the-fact bird classification for some of the photos
  Ted & Jenny VanHuisen – for taking care of our apartment and our cat Chloe
  Kevin Clarke – for being the handiest
  Jeremy & Hope – for coming to Brazil to hang out with us for a couple weeks
  Kinch & Heather and Stella & Spencer – for joining us in Italy (K&H for a month, S&S for a week) - what a nice change to be with people we know!
  Our families – Though initially skeptical of the whole crazy idea, they have been very supportive. Mrs. Hung even brought us a little pile of new books and warm clothes while we were in Taiwan. New clothes, ANY clothes – yay!
  Our friends – So many people have provided help and advice for various places: Kinch & Mia, Nas & Jen, Kanad & JMT, Mandy & Michael, Katie & Doug, George & Ann, Sam & Eddy, Tom & Kirsten, Tom & Kathryn, Samson, Bryan Pelz & Hoan, Mike Darcy & Kieu, Maria Sykes, Jeremy, Kei & his mom, Ali & her folks, Susan Wood, Tuzinho (who scouted apartments in Brazil), Luiz & Simon (who not only volunteered their own apartment even though we hadn't yet met, but actually found us a better one in the end, as well as helping out around Portugal with everything else), and everybody that we’ve met along the way.
  Our hosts – Our trip would have been much more expensive if some wonderful peeps hadn't offered us a place to sleep when in their vicinity: Nas & Jen (yes, again, where we stayed in Oxford), James Ussher and family (who treated us to a wonderful dinner in Oxford), Kanad & JMT (Hong Kong lovely apartment), Maria & Sean (who shared their coolio loft in Sydney with us for a couple weeks), Fran & Kirby (who housed us in Invercargill, New Zealand before we wandered north together up the coast), Jeanette & Peter (who graciously hosted us in Auckland, even though we were complete strangers), and Carlos & Andre (who we've never met, but allowed us to use their apartment in Lisbon just because they're the nicest people ever, and friends of Luis & Simon, who we also just met).
  And last but not least, all of you that have sent comments and questions and encouraged us to keep this site going. We never would have guessed that so many people from so many places would take an interest - thanks so much!
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