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Uganda; Oct 17, 2004

a galaxy far far away

We only know a few people that have been to Africa. Obviously, Africa attracts a lot of travelers, but for us, Africa represents a significant departure from our previous experiences. Even after a lot of reading, the prospect of visiting Africa (beginning with Uganda, no less) is somewhat frightening, and supremely… um… foreign.

flying into Nairobi, Kenya

It begins, oddly enough, in the London airport. There is a psychological barrier that one crosses when entering any airport, especially a large international airport like Heathrow. We experience this, emphasized by the change in sound, as the outside doors close behind us and we are enveloped by the familiar airport environment, making us feel a bit safer. We become one of a million deliveries making its way from one hub to another.

Things change again as we make the transition to the international terminal. The signs are multilingual and I can overhear conversations in a variety of languages, many of which I don’t even recognize. I see saris and expensive suits and big jewelry, even convertible pants and hiking boots. We sit down next to a man with earlobes so long that he has wrapped them around the tops of his ears in a complicated twisted knot. I wonder if this is to make them less conspicuous during his business transactions in England, or maybe it’s for comfort or fashion, or maybe he just likes it that way. Other people in our vicinity (mostly men) are dressed smartly in bright colors. All available evidence supports the guess that they’ll be joining us on our flight to Nairobi.

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Not that I had doubted it, but this insures that I will never forget HOW MUCH you guys RULE.

It looks like an awe inspiring time thus far and although I get the feeling words don't do it justice, your doing a damn good job. I laughed, I cried and I can't wait for more. Seriously, I read some of the entries twice!

Much love to both of you and continued safe travels. Thanks for all the inspiring thoughts and images. Gorillas rock and so do you.

--Kevin C.; Dec 20, 2004