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baobab tree with fisheye lens and handheld filter (artsy, huh?)
Tarangire National Park, Tanzania; Oct 20, 2004

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Hanoi (47 pix)



Halong Bay & Cat Ba Island (18 pix)


Video (from Hanoi)

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-- comments from readers --


My boyfriend and I were trying to decide between Bali and Vietnam and your pictures sealed the deal. I was having a hard time 'getting' Vietnam and Cambodia from the guidebooks. I was also having a hard time getting past the images from war movies, etc. I found the spirit of these places in your photographs and hilarious commentary. Your site is truly awe inspiring.

I was up til 3:30 looking at your pictures and I am so inspired. I would never, ever think that I would want to go to Tanzania, but now I HAVE TO GO. Thank you for creating this sight and for sharing with the world your gifts!

--Jeanine P. (San Francisco, California, USA); Jul 26, 2006


Hi! I accidentally stumbled upon your site. :) I love your photos, they're full of character and were really funny. I'm visiting Vietnam for the first time next week, and your photos, videos and entries really helped. I learned a lot! Especially when it comes to crossing the street. hahaha! Anyway, cheers! later.

--Joni; Jul 20, 2006


I've thoroughly enjoyed your website, I'm still trying to get through everything and I'm well on my way. Needless to say, I'm very jealous and excited to read about the rest of your trip.

My friend Ryan who's currently traveling in Southeast Asia for a couple months forwarded your website to me encouraging me to meet him in Hanoi. It was very, very convincing, more than you can imagine. I was getting signs everywhere. Unfortunately for me, I decided I couldn't make the trip. I think I made a mistake.

--Jonathan (San Francisco, CA, USA); Sep 8, 2005

Hi Jonathon! Too bad you didn't make it to Hanoi - maybe sometime in the future. You're probably sick of hearing this but it really is a wonderful, special place - one of our favorites! Thanks so much for looking at the website and writing in. We're glad you're enjoying it. Let us know if you do ever make it to Vietnam. We'd love to hear whether it lived up to all your expectations.

--Susan and Grace; Sep 12, 2005


OMG!! That video was amazing and the pictures are spectacular...
I'm going to vietnam in 39 days (and counting hehehe) and am scared sh***less... This is a great great site.. makes me want to leave for vietnam tomorrow... if only!!

I'm hunting for a new camera for when i go to vietnam and am wondering about the camera u have... because the quiality of your pictures are breath-taking.. if you can tell me the brand and model it would be soooooooo appreciated.

--Jessica (Australia); Aug 25, 2005

Glad you're enjoying the site, Jessica - that's great!

So... first off, don't be worried about Vietnam. It's actually a very pleasant place to travel. The people are really nice and it's generally quite safe.

About the camera, you can find a lot of information here: gear_technology. But it's worth mentioning that the camera is really only a part of the story. The lenses are very important (in my opinion, even more important, most of the time). And what you do with the pix afterwards in terms of cleaning them up can matter a lot, too (mostly when you're trying to save pix that have good content but maybe weren't shot in ideal conditions).

Most importantly, have a great trip and enjoy Vietnam!

--Grace; Sep 2, 2005


I made it to the video part when I had to stop. I enjoyed your pictures of Vietnam very much. They made me feel as if I were there. I look forward to viewing your entire site and sending you additional comments. Keep up your excellent work. Regards to you both.

PS: I really was searching for quail eggs. Somehow I think it must have been that huge plate of ribs, infront of Susan, that brought me to your site.

--Harold S. (Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA); Aug 17, 2005

Thanks so much for taking a look at our site and for sending a comment. We very much appreciate your generous compliments. Since you were looking for quail eggs, just in case you didn't find them, can we offer you these (from this gallery, in Hanoi) and these (in Bangkok)?

Are you sure you weren't looking for that Flinstone's-size plate of ribs? :)

--Susan & Grace; Aug 23, 2005